The Parent and Student Resource Page contain many resources for you and your child. The ideas, games, activities, and a variety of word cards found here can be of help to you and your child and are designed to assist you and your child on his or her journey to educational success.

Using these materials and other materials I will be providing will most certainly bring your child to the point of success. Education is a three-way street: students, teacher (tutor) and parents must work together as a team. The tutor, student and parent can work together to promote student success. As we work together as a team on the achievement of your child’s success, we will win.

Learning Resources for Parents

Experts agree that parental involvement in education is one of the biggest predictors of student success. When parents are engaged in their child’s learning, they can help their child strengthen academic skills. So we have compiled several resources to help you engage productively with your child.

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Learning Resources for Students

We have put together student resources for your child to help your child develop his or her skills in phonics, reading and writing. You will fine flashcards, learning games, writing sheets, and more on the student resource page. Happy learning!

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