Helping Your Child Become a Better Writer

This article discusses ways parents can help children become better writers. Studies show that when reading and writing are taught together, benefits are better than when they are taught separately. Writing is a very important part of a child’s education. Students use writing skills in every subject in school. The following are tips and strategies parents can use to help their children to be better writers.

Provides a place

It is important for your child to have a quiet place to write without any distractions. This place should have good lights and a comfortable chair. He or she should have a flat smooth surface to write on.

Provide the Materials

Provide plenty of paper, pencils, pens, crayons, and markers. An effective motivator for your child to write is a collection of appealing writing materials. Keep a supply of writing implements starting with plan paper and pencils. As your budget permits,provide colored paper, notebooks, stickers, sticky notes, and even a computer and anything else that your child might have fun with.

Write together

If parents and children write together, children will learn more, just as they learn more when you read together. It is important to serve as a good example. So plan to join with your child from time to time when he or she is involved in a writing activity. Children learn about writing by observing more skilled people and participating with them. So let your children see you write both for work and for pleasure.

Show appreciation for your child’s writing effort

People who write often need a reader. Be positive and helpful. Respond to the ideas your child expresses in his or her writing. Make it clear to your child that you are interested in what he or she writes. Be very supportive and offer to read what he or she writes.

Encourage your child to keep a journal

Journal writing is an excellent way for your child to practice his or her writing. To be a good writer, a child has to practice. So give him or her the opportunity to express his or her thoughts on paper. This is a good outlet for your child to vent feelings.


Make writing an enjoyable time for your child. Praise his or her efforts. Be excited about his or her writing and encourage him or her to keep up the good work. Stay positive and continue to praise and help your child to develop into a great writer.

The more a child writes, the better writer he or she will become. So continue to give you child many opportunities to write. Encourage your child to write letters, poems, postcards, thank you cards, menus, notes, and give him or her writing prompts. You can make a difference in helping your child develop writing skills by using these tips and strategies daily as you watch your child develop into a great writer.

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